Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online Fitness Walking Class - Week 1

Class started yesterday and already I love it! 

As is very common in any good online course, introductions come early in the process.  I really like reading through the intros to find out about everyone in the class.  We have ~30 students in the class.

Also we got the syllabus which included the Learning Objectives for the course:

1. Perform the correct walking technique utilized in fitness walking
2. Identify the benefits of a fitness walking program
3. Assess and document physical fitness status through the five health-related components of physical fitness
4. Identify safety procedures when walking
5. Develop and record a plan of fitness walking to meet the needs and interests of the students
6. Assess exercise heart rate
7. Improve cardiorespiratory fitness level

Our first assignment was to fill out a questionnaire regarding current fitness and medical status.  Our instructor was very wise to do this and the assignment actually started out by saying: "It is essential that before you start an exercise program that you determine whether you need medical clearance or not".  This is so very important and I am in total agreement with this.  The form/questionnaire we filled out was the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).

The other assignment we have is to complete a worksheet to determine our target heart rate (THR).

Reading assignments we have for this week are for proper walking technique and safety tips for walkers.

As the Garmin FR60 is a requirement for this class, there will be a time lag before we have assignments with it as it will take time for the entire class to make this purchase.  The really cool part here, the students can purchase it directly from Garmin at a student discounted rate!  

I’ll keep you posted on our progress…

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