Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Online Fitness Walking Class – Week 2

We are still in the ‘ramp up’ stage in this one credit hour online course.  The primary reason is the acquisition of the Garmin FR60, which is required for this class.  It really is different than a class of 30 students just purchasing a textbook – the FR60 is a tool and you really need to understand how to use it to be successful in the course.  Hopefully most students have theirs by now because most of this week’s content deals with the FR60.

Our course directs us to the Garmin website which does provide training videos for the FR60 Setup, First Workout, Virtual Partners, Data Fields, Heart Rate Monitor, Foot Pod, Garmin Connect, and Goals.  The Garmin information can be found at:

Since I’ve had my FR60 for awhile, it’s already set up and I’m pretty familiar with the features – but it was still good to go back and refresh my memory.

The other Garmin ‘thing’ we each need to do is to set up our Garmin Connect username/password.  For this class we have to provide our username/password to the instructor.

Our THR (
Target Heart Rate) assignment is due this week also.
THR = (maximal HR* - resting HR**) x Intensity % + Resting HR
 *Maximal HR (estimated MHR) = 220 minus age
 **Resting HR (RHR) = count your pulse at rest for 60 seconds
When estimating your target heart rate range, two factors are involved:
Your age ____________
Your resting heart rate (RHR): _____________
**To get your resting heart rate you will need to count your pulse for one minute before you get out of bed in the morning. For the most accurate result, get your resting heart rate 3 mornings in a row and divide by 3.
Use these numbers in the formula that follows:
To calculate your estimated Maximal Heart Rate (MHR)220 - _____________(age) = ______________(estimated MHR)

To calculate your Heart Rate Reserve (HR reserve)_________ (MHR) - __________ (RHR) = ___________(HR reserve)

To calculate your Lower Target Heart Rate_________(HR reserve) x .60 + _________(RHR) = __________(lower target heart rate)

To calculate your Higher Target Heart Rate_________(HR reserve) x .80  + _________(RHR) = __________(higher target heart rate)

More to come next week  : )

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