Saturday, March 24, 2012

No race this weekend - but there's baseball

No race this weekend - too many house projects going on.  By mid-afternoon I decided to go for a walk and take in a college baseball game  : )  I drove down to Oglethorpe University to walk around the campus and watch the Stormy Petrels (pronounced peatrels) take on Millsaps College.  Not only do the Petrels have a very unique mascot they also play their games in a very unique stadium - it sort of looks like a castle...

Outside the baseball stadium at Oglethorpe University

While walking around campus I started thinking about the incredible architecture of the facility where the Stormy Petrels play baseball.  Subsequent research revealed some interesting information.  In the picture above is 1/8th of what was suppose to be an athletic stadium and Greek theater.  The information I found said that Harry Hermance of the F.W. Woolworth Company pledged $50,000 in 1919 to build the the first section of this.  It went on to say that the cornerstone was laid in 1926 was formally dedicated on October 26, 1929 (link).  That was two days after Black Thursday when the stock market crash of 1929 occurred.

I suspect that is the reason why the stadium was never completed.

Regardless, it is an incredible structure and an incredible place to play NCAA Division III Baseball.  Reading through the Oglethorpe history I discovered that they originally played football in this stadium.  Their website says that the Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels had victories "over Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Florida".   That was a very long time ago.  The Petrels no longer have a football team and the world of collegiate sports has drastically changed since that time.

For now, the stadium is used exclusively for baseball and this is what it looks like inside today as the Petrels played against the Millsap College:

Unfortunately the Petrels lost this game 5-2.

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