Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raven Cliff Falls Trail Hike

Today's hiking destination was Raven Cliffs Trail in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  It's an out & back trail, 2.5 miles each way with an incredible water fall.  Since this is such a popular day hike destination and with it being a great weather day, Mary & I decided on an early start.  We were on the road before sun up for the 65 mile drive to the Raven Cliffs Trailhead in the North Georgia Mountains.

Once again we were fooled by the mountain weather, specifically the mountain fog.  There were times I had to slow down to less than half the posted limit.  It was so foggy, we could barely see the stores on the side of the road at times.  It was weird because the fog was in pockets and we were just hoping the trail area would not be in one of those pockets - we were lucky, it was not!

It was a great morning to be on the trail!

For the most part, the trail was easy.  There was an elevation gain from about 2000 feet to 2600 feet over the 2.5 miles.  For the majority of the hike we were right next to the water.  There were a few areas that required some caution, but not too many.

We made it to the water fall and it was well worth the hike!  It was very peaceful and we had it all to ourselves, well for about 10 minutes or so...

This is about 80-100 feet from top to bottom
As I mentioned earlier, this is a popular day hike in the area and others were arriving pretty quickly.  I decided to attempt to get up to the top and made it pretty far up.

However, to get from this point to the top was a bit more than I wanted to tackle, it would have been almost a vertical climb through an exposed root system:

Nah!  :)  Back down I went.

Raven Cliff Falls was well worth the hike to get here.  As Mary & I hiked our way back, we passed 40-50 more hikers coming in to see the falls - so glad we decided on an early start.

We made it back to the parking area just before noon and a quick look at the map we noticed that the city of Helen, GA was only about 5-10 miles away so we headed there for lunch.  Helen is not your typical north Georgia town, it's actually modeled (okay, a bit gimmicky/touristy...) after a Bavarian Swiss Alpine village.

Happy Trails!


  1. Replies
    1. It was a fun hike and what made it really different than the other hikes, the anticipation of the water fall. I had read about it and seen pictures so I had a pretty good feeling that we were going to see something special and out of the ordinary. We were not disappointed.

  2. Again, Scott, a great post on what sounds like a lovely hike. You are really lucky to have so many hiking opportunities so close by!

    1. I do feel lucky to have these trails close by :)

      I've lived in this area for 20+ years and never took advantage of it until I started doing the distance walking; the walking sort of morphed into the hiking and now I love doing both!

  3. Scott sharing your walk via pictures thanks. A 5 mile walk with 60 strories is a nice workout. You are encouraging me.

    1. Thank you Bill. I love being out in nature - find myself (during the week at my desk job) just thinking about the next time I'll be out there. It keeps me going :)