Saturday, October 27, 2012

20 Miles with Bill Cosby & Bob Newhart

As final preparation for a marathon next month, did my final long slow distance, a 20 miler.  The theory is to prepare your body for being out on the course for a pretty long time, building up every other week until you get close to the marathon date.  For me, I expect to complete the marathon in about 6 hours so today I was out on Suwanee Greenway for 5 hours.  I've done 20 milers before, they're boring.  However, for this 20 miler, I added a few more things to my iPod shuffle:  two Bill Cosby 'albums' and one Bob Newhart 'album'.

Up until this week, my iPod only had music.  I had to remove some of the songs from it to make room for this new content.  The idea was to put the iPod on 'shuffle' and have it randomize everything so it would come out something like: song, song, Bill Cosby, song, Bob Newhart, song, song,...

It worked great!  Had some great laughs, I hadn't heard some of these routines in years.  I was laughing out loud listening to Bill Cosby's Noah's Ark routines!  He is so funny!!!

So the iPod now has 170 songs/routines, about 12 hours, and I still have some space left on it.  These things are amazing.  The ability to put that much on a device so small - just amazing.

It was a good workout.  I did notice something very unique around mile 16 - crowds, long lines, lots of people.  Usually there are just a few cars in this parking lot and no people.

Early voting in Suwanee, Georgia!  Made my way around to the end of the line and talked to a few folks, their estimated wait time was three and a half hours!  Some were giving up and others were willing to wait.  Think I'll wait until Election Day.


  1. With the 20 miler under your belt, you can enjoy the marathon. Good luck and have fun.

  2. I think you'll do just fine in your marathon. I wish I could join you. Enjoy your taper and your race.

  3. Thanks Mike & Dan! That is my goal - to have fun & enjoy it.

  4. With the belly laughs from Bill Cosby, you get a bonus core workout! Thanks for the happy childhood reminders - we used to sit around of an evening listening to his LPs!