Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Recap

Miles this month:  Total of 108 miles this month, which was about 60 miles less than last month.  The main reason for this:  knee injury during Soldier Marathon and the subsequent hip issue as a by product of using a pretty stiff knee brace during the Atlanta Half.  I suspect the knee brace altered my gait to the point of the body attempting to compensate - just a guess though.   Getting out without the brace at this point, body is still telling me "hey this still is not right" but the discomfort is minimal.

Races this month:   1 - Battle at Big Creek (10 mile trail)
                                      2 - Soldier Marathon
                                      3 - Atlanta Half Marathon

Things this month:  This was the first time I've ever had body issues that caused significant pain and impacted mileage.  The x-ray came back as normal on the knee so I suspect something like tendinitis.  Time will tell.

Altered overall training plan in regards to distance, hopefully this will not be an issue in the months ahead.

In the news this month:  Running May Be Harmful to Your Heart - Well that is sort of a horse of a different color.   Part of the article went on to say " In short, exercise is great in small doses, but too much physical exertion too quickly or for too long a period can actually put a person’s heart at risk, especially if he or she is over age 35".  Heck, I don't know.  I do not do too much running but I do a lot of brisk walking.  I don't think this will alter anything I do.

Looking forward:  One more race this year, backed it down from a 50K to a half marathon,  started adding Christmas tunes to the ipod, the first album (will add more as the month progresses) was Bryan Tey's Christmas Piano.

Silent Night (Arranged by Bryan Tey)


  1. Thanks for posting this lovely Christmas music. Good luck with the rest of your events this year!
    Anne C. "Walker in the Suburbs"

    1. Thanks Anne - although I will add in some of the tunes that have significant Christmas memories from growing up (Robert Goulet et al), Bryan Tey's "Christmas Piano" album is the most soothing & peaceful Christmas music I have ever come across.

  2. When I found someone who understood what may be causing my ankle pain and corrected the problem of a pinch nerve, it got me back walking pain free. Movement for me is therapy. I did not like the set back but I liked the outcome. You encourage me, thanks

    1. Thank you Bill. Yes, the set back is not fun at all. Yesterday I was very thankful for being able to get some miles in without pain. :) I agree - it is therapy for me also.

  3. Way to go on keeping on with the grand goal, Scott! I can just envision you walking purposefully, random snatches of Christmas lyrics floating in your wake!

  4. Cyndy, along with those random snatches, every now and again, accompanied with a little air piano or air drums :)