Thursday, June 27, 2013


A massive open online course (MOOC), according to Wikipedia, is an online course aimed at large scale interactive participation and open access via the web and it's free.  Wait a minute - nothing is free!

I decided to give it a try - signed up for a few courses, for free  : )

Using Coursera as a MOOC provider, I signed up for things that interested me and did not overlap on the calendar.   You do not actually get college credit for these, but for me - I just want the knowledge.  We'll see, should be interesting.

Years and years ago, before the (gulp) internet existed, while in graduate school, I did a practicum titled "Using CAI (computer assisted instruction) to Teach DOS in a Business Environment".  To me, MOOCs are just another step on this path of whatever this really is.  So if the CAI (implemented with 5 1/4 floppy disks!) approach was when this was in its infancy, maybe MOOCs would be like a teenager. I think it still has a ways to go, but it does seem to be picking up momentum.  

One of the most interesting sites I found while googling for MOOCs is a blog titled "degree of freedom" where the author is attempting to take four years of courses in 12 months for zero dollars.  It's worth a look if you are interested in MOOCs.  

I'm curious if any of you have taken any MOOCs and if so, how was it?


  1. These sound really interesting! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up, Scott. Hopefully I can sign up for them being Canadian.

    1. Think I read somewhere that there are more people outside the U.S. signing up for these courses. It would really defeat the meaning of "open" if you cannot :)