Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things I Will Not Miss When I Retire

Spending roughly 250 hours per year just to get to and from work!  And my commute really isn't so bad, a half hour each way.  This will not be missed.

My commute is 17 miles each way, five days a week.  The traffic varies as do the lights so it's a minimum of a half hour but there are occasions when it can take an hour.

That's a ballpark of about 250 hours a year, roughly six work weeks extra each year.  And then there is the expense, not even including the wear & tear on the vehicle, insurance, maintenance,... but just the gas is about $1000 annually.  Yep, I will not miss this!

But then I looked at it from a 40 year career standpoint - maybe I shouldn't have done this, it's quite discouraging.  Just the time aspect (250 hrs/year as an average for 40 years) 10,000 hours!  A normal work year is ~2000 hours, that would be five extra "work" years spent commuting!!!  That is crazy.  I don't even want to think about the money...

I wish I could walk to work and back.

When I do retire, I will not miss my daily commute.


  1. Those numbers are scary, Scott!

    1. I had to double/triple check the math - I did not believe it at first. That's just an incredible amount of "lost" time.

  2. 5 years spend commuting? That is very upsetting.

    If I add the time spent driving to and from the airport, then all the time spent in airplanes I may surpass that. But, I refuse to figure it out. It would only depress me.

    Retirement is great on so many levels, Scott. But no commuting is high on the list.

    1. Throw airplanes into the mix - you are right Bob, better to not look.

      I'm pretty sure though that when the automobile was invented, this was not one of the desired outcomes.

  3. Definitely not an exercise to enhance contentment in the present - yikes but that's a lot of time! One upside to Montana commuting is that if you drive for 30 minutes, you've usually travelled 30 miles. It's slightly more fulfilling.