Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Goal: 1000 Days of Walking

When I first started walking it was for health reasons.  My motivation was simple - to become more healthy.  My measurement was the various blood tests during the annual physical and to lose a few lbs.  After meeting those goals I started slacking off.  To combat this, I created the complete 100 races and walk 10,000 miles goals.  My personal "reward" for meeting these goals will be retirement, from work. Sure, these goals are artificial and really do not mean much at all, but so far they seem to be working for keeping me motivated.

As arbitrary as it sounds, one day while out on a walk the thought process started -  I have a goal for 100 (races) and 10,000 (miles), but I don't have anything for 1,000.  So I came up with adding a goal of going for a walk 1,000 day in a row.

I started this goal about two weeks ago  (only 985 days to go  : )

Walking can be addictive, it's odd but there are times when I really 'need' a walk!  I suppose if you're going to be addicted to something, this is a pretty good thing to be addicted to.  It (walking) did not start out this way, but somewhere along the way it morphed into all of this.

If you are on the cusp for starting a walking program, or just curious of the health benefits, watch the video below.  George Halvorson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Permanente talks about the the health benefits of walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

How can something so simple be so beneficial?


  1. Thanks for this inspiring post! I couldn't agree more!

  2. Good luck on your goal...only 985 more days!!

  3. I love this idea. I did a 100 day walking challenge last fall and it really provided a ton of benefits including great weight loss! Ramping up my walking again (slowed down in for some reason from May to August). This might be the inspiration I need!

    1. Setting this goal has really helped me, I've already had days where circumstances or lack of motivation would have gotten in my way for a walk - but the goal got me out anyway. This works for me and I've discovered even when I've pushed myself out the door to do it - I've never regretted it afterwards. Good luck with yours!