Friday, August 9, 2013

I Will Be an ASS Until I Retire

It's true.

I can already see my sister's (who follows via email) response to this "don't worry Scotty, you won't change a bit in retirement".     : )

Let me explain...

After spending many years in the corporate world and having many titles I made a switch over to academia.  I was actually quite lucky to land a tenure track teaching position in my late forties. However after teaching college freshman & sophomore classes for four years, I wanted to do something else.  But I really did not want to go back to the corporate world so I switched jobs at the college to work on their online course system.

This has been a good work experience.  It is not that I have given up on my career, I have decided that I'm just not climbing the ladder any  longer, I am satisfied where I am.  There is actually quite a lot of peace when you are not focusing on or even thinking about that next job.

However, about a year ago, they did some renaming of titles at the college.  So, although nothing else changed in what I did on a day to day basis, I was given a new title: Academic Systems Specialist (ASS).  So with any luck, I will be an ASS until I retire!


  1. Your title caught my attention LOL

  2. I am in similar situation only I don't have such an awesome title! Interesting blog!