Sunday, January 19, 2014

Be at the Bridge at 19

Another 20 mile walk in prep for the Great Saunter.  Unlike the previous, this one was on a picture perfect clear blue sky sunny January Saturday afternoon.

It was a great day for a long walk and others were out on the Suwanee Greenway doing the same.

As a proponent of slowing down and looking and taking in surroundings, today I learned you miss things if you never stop.  As I stopped to take this picture, in my peripheral vision, something different was spotted to the right:


Maybe I should stop more often.

The walk continued.  The walk lasted just shy of five hours, roughly about a 15 minute per mile pace.  I'm always intrigued with the amount of thoughts that go through my mind during these long walks, so many and so varied.  I'm not so sure a long walk "clears" my head.

One of the challenges I have on these long walks is estimating getting back to my truck at the 20 mile mark.  The walk is not a go 10 miles in a direction then turn around and go back, it's much more of a zig-zag, up & back, and go around until it's 20 miles (I do have Garmin w/footpod for measuring mileage).  So at about mile 13 or so, I just kept telling myself to "be at the bridge at 19", at mile 19 that is as the truck was parked a mile from the other side of the bridge.

be at the bridge at 19

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