Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frustration with 100 Race Goal

Back in 2011 I made the goal of walking 10,000 miles and completing 100 races.  Until recently things more or less kept on track with 52 races completed and 5403 miles walked.  The majority of those races, 33, were half marathons.  That is my favorite distance race.  But I've noticed a sharp, steady decline of half marathons on my calendar.  The reason - price.

The price for half marathons, and I'm sure this applies to full marathons, has skyrocketed over the last year or so.

Here's my theory on all of this, it's just a theory.  Races, such as these, have become commodities that are bought and sold as products by for-profit companies.  And with any product in a business, pricing strategies are developed to increase the bottom line - profit.  Somebody, somewhere is making decisions regarding how much they think people will pay for their product.

Granted, there are expenses to put on a race.  But with these prices they are not just concerned with covering those expenses, they are concerned with profit.

There are still some half marathons that are reasonably priced and I will search those out.  Maybe I'll switch to doing more 5K races as they tend to be not for profit and in many cases, support a charitable cause.