Sunday, March 1, 2015

Re-Purpose That Old Cabinet Door

About two years ago I did a home improvement DIY project - a butcher block kitchen island.  Well, like with most projects there are always parts and pieces leftover.  The pack rat in me could not throw them away.

Glad I did not throw this stuff away, came up with an idea for what to do with the leftover cabinet door and drawer.

A coat rack with re-purposed railroad spikes and a little artwork.

About 99% of the materials used for this were re-purposed.  As always my projects seem to take much more effort & time than first anticipated and this one was no different.  If you're curious, here are the steps:

Step 1:   Sanding the old door and drawer front.  Since I wanted to paint it the surface had to be sanded.  Luckily I had a belt sander and a hand sander - what a difference they made.

Step 2:  Cut all the pieces of wood needed to glue to backside square of the door.  The was by far the hardest part of the project.  I did not purchase any new wood for this, all wood was in my garage leftover from previous projects.  The idea was to have different lengths and heights and to paint them various colors.  A total of 41 pieces of wood were used.  It was a lot of cutting.

Step 3:  Paint the cabinet door and drawer black.  I had to remove all of the pieces of wood for this step.  I did number the back of each piece as it was getting to be like a jigsaw puzzle and it would have been really hard to put everything back together exactly as it was.

Step 4:  Paint the 41 pieces of wood.  I had a hard time determining what colors to use - how many, bright, gloss, matte,...  I don't have much experience with this.  Ended up buying 19 different colors at Michael's and basically gave up on deciding and used all of them.  This part took a bit longer than anticipated also as each piece had to be painted twice and a few of them three times.

Step 5:  The railroad spikes.  I had some old railroad spikes in the garage, don't even remember how or when they got there but they seemed like a good re-purpose thing.  So I decided to use them for coat hangers.  After getting all the rust off of them, there was another challenge - cutting & securing to the wood - how would I do this?  Ended up cutting them with a hack saw, drilling a hole in it, tapping it to make threads, and get screws to match the threads.  Luckily this all worked.

Step 6:  Putting everything together and gluing the 41 pieces of wood.

Already decided - we're not keeping this (in the mode of getting rid of stuff in the house, not adding to it : )  Who knows, maybe I'll open an Etsy shop as I have more ideas for the rest of the kitchen island leftovers.


  1. It's stunning - well done! The vibrant vertical colors Call to mind some Prairie stained glass designs, esp.Frank Lloyd Wright's Saguaro panels. & any tasteful railroad accent is delightful. (Did you know that a railroad spike can have a 35-50+ year working life span, with excellent track maintenance?) A thriving Etsy site could definitely be in your future...

    1. Thank you Cyndy! Who knows, maybe an encore career???