Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Goal: Walk 24,901 Miles

I was up early (even on vacation), still dark outside, on a walk, about half way between Rotten City Pizza and Emeryville Public Market heading for a coffee at Peet's and the thought just kept in coming into my head - need another walking goal...  Just would not go away.

Having just reached a goal of walking 10,000 miles a fews days earlier, I already missed having a walking goal.  Part of me actually believed that I would be content with reaching 10,000 miles and that would be it.  It was not.  So, it just made sense, make a new goal.

The 10,000 was arbitrary so I kicked around other numbers but nothing seemed to fit.  Out of the blue, the idea of the circumference of the earth popped into my head.  So I looked it up, turns out it's about 24,901 miles.  That will work!  So building on the 10,000 miles just completed I will continue to add to that to reach the circumference of the earth, 24,901 miles.

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  1. And around and around he goes.... where he stops?
    Congrats on accomplishing your initial 10,000 mile goal!
    If you wrote a love song you'd make The Proclaimers with their "500 Miles" look like they just don't care that much!

    1. Thanks Cyndy! Enjoy seeing your blog pictures via email - feed burner!