The Great Saunter

The Great Saunter is a 32 mile walk around the island of Manhattan.  It is hosted by a group called Shorewalkers and occurs the first Saturday in May.  I had the opportunity to do the Great Saunter in 2012.  It was great!  

This page is intended for those who have a curiosity of what you would see during the Great Saunter.  I took 150+ pictures when I did the 27th annual Great Saunter, uploaded them to flickr, and grouped them by section of NYC.  Below are the slideshows by section of Manhattan:

At the start: slideshow  (14 pics)
Heartland Brewery; South Street Seaport

Lower West Side:    slideshow   (26 pics)
Battery Park; Statue of Liberty; New World Trade Center;Meat Packing District; NJ across the Hudson; Pier 54 (where RMC Carpathia docked with Titantic survivors)

Mid West Side:        slideshow   (23 pics)
Empire State Building; Intrepid; Hudson River Park; Malcom Cochran's "Private Passage" wine bottle

Upper West Side:    slideshow   (37 pics)
Riverside Park ("You've got Mail" scenes); Fairway Market;George Washington Bridge; Little Red Lighthouse; Shorakkopoch Monument (Legend - where Manhattan was purchased)

Upper East Side:      slideshow   (20 pics)
East River; Harlem; Spanish Harlem; Yankee Stadium (from a distance); Jackie Robinson Houses

Mid East Side:         slideshow   (29 pics)
East River; 59th Street Bridge; United Nations Building

Lower East Side:      slideshow   (11 pics)
Manhattan Bridge; Brooklyn Bridge; Pier 17; old Fulton Fish Market

Original post about this event.

The Great Saunter - Google Maps

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