Thursday, December 29, 2011

A GREAT video...

Just came across this youtube video of a visual lecture entitled “23 ½ hours” by Dr. Michael Evans. 

Not only did I like the content in his video, I really liked the way it was illustrated - it held my attention.  Good stuff, take a look:


  1. the video is a simple common sense approach to being proactive about retirement and our health. Our health can improve with age if we take the time everyday. It is the least we should do for ourselves, much more important than 401k plans or equity in our home. Likewise worrying about if we have enough "money" to live later on becomes unhealthy in itself.

    Like you said if you go for a walk you can work anything out in your head.

  2. This was an excellent video, and confirmed what I had always thought too. I walk every other day for 1-1/2 hrs. at a time, and just found your site so will have to check into distance races. I just turned 59, am at my goal weight and am in overall excellent health, always feeling like walking is the panacea for whatever ails you. I do a low impact aerobic dvd on the alternate days when I'm not walking because it has stretches on there that work every major muscle group. I was using my ipod when I walked, then yesterday received this great little MP3 player w/a clip that came w/a songcard with 1,000 songs, from the 50's to country music, through the 90's, and it's great - to keep me motivated and the walking fun. Sandy