Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Online Fitness Walking Class?

Online fitness walking class??? 

I have enjoyed most of the reactions I get from folks (face-to-face) when I mention online walking class to them – a smile/grin and “yeah right”, a bit of rolling of the eyes, but isn’t walking and online sort of an oxymoron?  So I can imagine what you might be thinking right about now.

Well, I will start my online walking fitness class next week.  It is a one credit hour PE course offered by the local college where I currently work.  There are no on campus requirements for this course - it will all be online.

For this course, each student is required to purchase a Garmin FR60 heart rate monitor and create an account with Garmin Connect.  The good news for me, I already have the FR60 and do upload my information to Garmin Connect (well at least for long walks & races).  So, I am ready to go – just have to wait until class starts.

More to come on this next week…

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  1. I would love to know more about this course. Over the past 6 years of walking and training people for walking in races I have realized that there is so much more to walking technique than most people realized. Dave and I coach people in power walking and they are always blown away when they are applying the muscles that will boost their workout and give them more speed and strength. As a fitness instructor for over 20 years I never once really thought of walking as a workout ... I sure was wrong about that!
    One of my favorite ways to train is with a heart rate monitor. It brings a whole new level of awareness to your interval training. I will stay tuned to hear about this course for sure.
    Walk On Strong!