Thursday, February 23, 2012

Idita-Walk 2012 Update

The Idita-Walk caught my attention because it is Alaska related.  After our first trip to Alaska, I find myself constantly desiring to learn more about that great state.  So, when the Idita-Walk came along, mixing Alaska with walking, well it was a slam dunk.

The goal of Idita-Walk is to walk for a total of 1049 minutes (Anchorage to Nome is 1049 miles for the Iditarod) from February 1st to March 31st.  As it turns out, I reached the 1049 minute mark while on the Appalachian Trail last Saturday.  As it appears that others do, they continue to walk and log their minutes until March 31st even if they have surpassed the 1049 minute goal.  So I will continue also.  When I checked this morning, I was the 57th finisher so far (this changes according to how many minutes are added each day). 

What amazed me was the amount of minutes that the person who finished first has at this point - 4423 minutes (this will also change each day)!   Check out the finisher list.   That's a lot of minutes since February 1st.

As we are in the earlier stages of thinking about what we will do upon retirement, spending summers in Alaska is in the mix of possibilities.  It does not matter if I drive the tour bus, help out on salmon fishing excursions, help out with hikes,... it really does not matter.  We still have to time to contemplate this and I find that that is a great thing to think about during my long walks!


  1. What a great idea with logging times each day for a real walk simulation. Well done

    1. It's nice to have a simple place/application to log minutes to. Unfortunately, it's only for the months of February & March.