Saturday, February 4, 2012

Join me for an 18 mile walk

When I do these really long walks, they can get really boring.  So for this walk not only did I walk a route I'd never walked before but I also brought along a camera.  So, if you are curious what the town looks like around here, sit back, relax, and scroll through...

Heading out of the subdivision

Nice to see a little color this time of the year

Some signage for local business

New park...
a new dog walk park - Chattapoochee -  :)

Not bad...

Good to know.

Chattahoochee River

and a river runs through it...

Heading back up from the river is a golf course - wonder if they would mind if I walked their paths :)
 Noticing these all over the place recently - I've got so many books to give them!

Another subdivision
High school football field
Should I be sitting???
Sign on high school wall

Wildcat Country!
Circa 1873 - went to a wedding there once...

Leaving the high school area
Gas prices :(
Grocery store
McDonalds... Is there a town without one?
Somebody's selling firewood
Glad these guys are so close!
Time for a Hammer Gel - Montana Huckleberry - first time trying Hammer Gels instead of Gu

Another park, 1.08 miles paved and some trail
Nice for a walk...

Hey - this is new

Good - didn't scare this little guy off...
Tennis leagues
Baseball soon...

Disco dance - at least it's not a sock hop!
Thought this was an interesting note posted on the school door.
Our 'downtown' area...
Another new place - you see a lot from walking around!

Fountain & City Hall

Train going by (it was LOUD!!!)

Getting a bit tired - oh look, my favorite Mexican restaurant



  1. Loved this! It's like I got to visit without having to get on a plane :)

    More of these, please!

  2. Hi Scott. Thanks for posting on my blog. Hopefully I can post about my walks more often again.

    I enjoyed finding out about your area - you have SHOPS!!!!! Our nearest shop (note: singular) is 3 1/2 miles away, then the town for shopping (more than one shop!) is 10 miles off.

    Out of interest, is the blue bird a Bluebird?

    1. Bovey, 10 miles off - that would be a nice (long) walk! I don't know what type of bird it was, just noticed the blue (don't see much blue in the woods typically). It would be fun to read about your walks!