Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Idita-Walk Completed

The Idita-Walk (Nome, Alaska) is over for 2012.  It started on February 1 and ended on March 31.  Quite a few people signed up for this and many completed the goal of walking 1049 minutes in that time frame.  Click here to see the finishers list.

Lapel pin received for finishing the 1049 minutes 

Many participants continued to post their minutes even after they reached the 1049 minute goal.  They really did have a nice, simple interface for logging minutes.

This would be a great idea for an app...  I ended up logging over 3700 minutes and this is pretty much the time/distance I want to continue doing.  My average was just over 60 minutes per day for the 60 days.  It's an average as I actually did miss a few days and I think I actually only did about ten ~60 minute days.  I definitely think it made a difference that I was logging this information for the 60 days; it was actually a motivator on some of those days.  A lot of the week days included two walks - one at lunch and one later in the evening.  I enjoyed that flexibility and will continue that approach.  This average will keep me on track with my 10,000 mile goal.

I look forward to 2013 Idita-Walk.

Just curious, anyone know of an app or a website that has a simple to use logging of either minutes or miles???


  1. You can try Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy! That site looks great - can even select walk as type of activity and when you log it can specify type: Around the block, City walk, Hike, Strenuous,...

  2. My brother says Runkeeper is a dandy free app
    - Cyndy /

  3. Thanks Cyndy! I'll have check that one out and see if it works on the iPad (don't have an iPhone). Thanks again...