Saturday, March 17, 2012

2500 volunteers needed

The two things that amaze me about this are:

1 - they need 2500 people to volunteer to help out with the Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon.
2 - they actually get 2500 volunteers to help out!

Last year I started volunteering for races, I'm not even sure why I started doing this.  However, what I have discovered about volunteering is that I really enjoy it.  So for this race I volunteered to help give out race day packets (bib, shirt, bag,...).

Besides meeting some really nice people during the process they typically give the volunteers a goody bag.  For this race they provided a parking pass (for the Georgia World Congress Center - where the expo was), snacks, a back pack, and a t-shirt.

If you've never volunteered before - try it, you'll like it!

The expo...

Race packet pick up volunteers...

Publix is the main sponsor of this race so they do get a huge area in the expo.

This youngster saw me and said this is where your starting corral is, way back at the end, for the race on Sunday.  Just kidding...  But he is pointing close to where my starting corral is.

The BEST thing about this race is the way Publix is doing the post race food for the participants.  There is a tear off ticket on the bottom of each bib.  For back of the pack folks like me, it is not uncommon at the end of a longer distance race that there is not much food left. So for this race, each person WILL get a pre-packaged end of race food bag!  This is good.
Marta station
After our shift ended at the expo, while waiting for a Marta train, I was talking to another guy who was also a volunteer (we all stood out with the lime green volunteer shirts on!) and I was so glad that he shared his story with me.  He said he was 35 and this race was his first half marathon (actually first race ever, no 5Ks, 10Ks,...) and he had just reached his 90th day of being sober!  Awesome!  He was looking for more half marathons, pointed him to and  I hope I continue to run into him at future races.


  1. I always thought that the volunteers were the unsung heroes of marathons - now I know it for a fact!
    Great write-up, Scott! Enjoy the race tomorrow.

    1. Volunteering is really this whole other dimension of the race that actually adds to the total experience - well at least for me. It's sort of like a bonus. :)

  2. Great write-up and photos Scott. Good luck to you in the race!