Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cross Training - Mowing the Lawn

I've been curious for awhile now, curious about how much of a workout it actually is when I cut the grass.  So, I geared up (heart rate monitor, watch, foot pod)  for cutting the grass this afternoon.  I suspect there are other factors that would actually apply to this that would yield different results.  Such as height of grass, temperature, humidity, etc...  But for today, for my roughly 1/4 acre lot, I walked 1.16 miles, took 2,844 steps, averaged 1.6 MPH, and spent about 100 calories.  

So, if the definition of cross-training simply means to do workouts that emphasise different muscle groups and different functions of your body, grass cutting does fit that definition.  Maybe I won't complain so much about cutting the grass now.  :)  Nah, I'll still complain.

Oh yeah, it was a self propelled lawnmower.  It would be more of a workout if it was a push mower, but in my 40 years of cutting grass, this is my first self propelled mower - not going to give it up!


  1. It takes me 2hrs to mow my lawn. (An acre) I always count it as a workout!

  2. Great stats on an oft-overlooked exertion! I have a small lot, but a reel mower (yes, they still make them!), but I actually like mowing the lawn - well, at least compared to other chores!

  3. Okay - I will now include grass cutting as part of my summer workout routine!

    Cyndy - a 'reel' mower would really be a workout - much more effort there. I still think I'm quite a distance from liking to mow my lawn though :)