Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Walk at Macon State College

This week I had a two day training class held at Macon State College, about 100 miles south.  I love exploring new places and this campus was no different.  Being on this college campus was special as this is where my daughter will receive her Bachelor degree from.  So my walking around campus at lunch time was with a little bit of pride :)

The 167 acre campus is made up of mainly brick buildings, and brick walls, 

brick walk ways,...

I suppose the abundance of the red Georgia clay makes brick a logical choice of building material there.  It is a very nice campus.  They had a couple of large ponds on campus with great walking paths around them so I trekked around them towards the end of the walk and noticed these (Cypress I suppose) trees in the water:

Although the temperature was really getting up there around the noon hour, it was a good walk.

However, the best part of this two day trip was getting to see my grandsons!  Right after class I headed over to their house, just a few miles from campus - big hugs!  We went out for dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant and stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home for some Blizzards!  Back at the house, still being light outside, played frisbee for a half hour or so.  Fun time!  Glad I had a two day training class in Macon.

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