Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Place to Walk, Jog, Hike

Do you like finding & exploring new hiking trails?  I do!  Until a few days ago, I didn't even know this place existed - until my wife suggested it to me.  This new (to me) place is the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center.  They have about 10-12 different trails totaling about 8 miles.  And the crazy part in all of this, it's only 5 miles past the Suwanee Greenway where I do most of my longer walk/jogs.

The trails are multi-surfaced (natural, gravel, blacktop, boardwalk,...) and they crisscross all over the place.  This really adds a great dimension to discovering where everything leads to; it will take some time to really know where all over these trails go.  And, great for summertime, there is a lot of shade : )

Wild berries!
As I went along discovering all sorts of things, I noticed that it seemed that trails continued outside of the GEHC to other trail systems.  This was just getting better and better...  So at some point I was actually on Georgia Wildlife Federation Land on a different trail system.

While there met up with a couple of birders.  Talked with these guys for a bit, they were pointing out all kinds of birds to me.

Next, a bit further down the trail, noticed a small wooden amphitheater in the woods, with some people setting something up.  Come to find out, today was National Trail Day.   I did not know that.  They were setting up to do a presentation and invited me to join them.  So I did.

It was a great 8 miles this morning!


  1. Scott we were on the same wave link this morning. I went to a local woods I knew about but walked a new trail. Today was weather was cool. Made great walking. ou have encouraged me to do different trail walks, thanks.

    1. Bill - yes, weather was cooler here also - much appreciated. I'm still amazed that after living here for such a long time, I never knew this place existed. I guess I need to pay more attention.

  2. What a lovely discovery day! The perspective of your first photo is fabulous - just draws one into the photo & invites a loose recitation of Whitman or Frost poetry phrases...Thanks for sharing. - Cyndy