Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pre Peachtree Road Race Workout

Although 60,000 people will be able to say 'yes' to the question 'did you do the Peachtree this year', I will not be one of them.  The 4th of July Peachtree Road Race is (we think) the largest 10K in the world and this year, for the first time, they went to a lottery system for entry into the race.    

However, I will get to partake in the event as a volunteer at one of the aid stations.  While signing up for this on their website, I noticed that they have water stations set up along the route during the weekends for the month of June so folks can train on and get use to the course, if they want.  So, in a sense, I will sort of get to do the Peachtree this year : )  I did a large part of the course this morning.

On another note, one of the other goals I've had was to join a walking group.  I found a group that has a nice setup - they have multiple sub-groups for different distances and pace.  This allows a person to fit in with a group that has similar goals.  Also, and this is really the best 'selling'' point of the group, each week they walk in different locations in the Atlanta area - so you are not always doing the same route every Saturday.  I really like that aspect.  Well, it was just my luck that this week they were doing their route on the sidewalks of the Peachtree Road Race course.  So at 6:30 AM, we all met up in Atlanta, broke up into smaller groups and headed out on Peachtree Street.

As a follow up from last week (falling in the river with my camera), I bought a new one and used it today just trying to get use to it...

Woodruff Arts Center
Flying Biscuit - great breakfast!
Piedmont Park
Others getting ready for the Peachtree Road Race
Current population of Atlanta

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  1. What an amazing story about the Peachtree road race!
    I wish we could figure out how to boost our registrations like they have!
    I would also be interested in the organization of the walking group ... sounds good.