Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Today's walk was an excellent walk.  I had the opportunity to walk across & back on the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a fun walk, well worth it if you ever get the opportunity!

Golden Gate Bridge
Since Andrea (my daughter) and I will being doing the San Francisco Half Marathon this weekend, we needed to get a few miles in today as we wind down for the S.F. Half.  So the four of us, Mary, Aaron, Andrea, and I headed out for Golden Gate park this morning.  Since this is a vacation, we had the luxury of waiting until after the morning traffic rush.  Parking was a premium but we were able to find a spot near the Presidio and it was a short walk to get to the bridge.  Andrea told us its always windy & cold so we brought our layers and headed towards the bridge.

If you go, remember - layers...
We were all surprised on how many people were there, and this was a weekday.  There were people on bikes, many walkers, and a few runners.

Here we go...
It got a bit crowded every now and again.  The right side of the path was for people on foot going in either direction and the left side was for folks on bike - both directions.  So when all of those possibilities aligned, it was crowded.  Luckily for the most part it was not too bad.

It was 1.5 miles each way so this was a great 3 mile walk!

And probably a precursor for the S. F. Half this weekend, that is Andrea ahead of me on the backside of the bridge :)


  1. Have a blast this weekend at your half, Scott!

  2. It had to be nice walking in a cool place where you needed layers. The view looks incedible. It will be on my do list if I get to san Francisco

  3. San Francisco is such a nice area, the half marathon should be very scenic. Good Luck!