Sunday, August 19, 2012

They Arrived

The FedEx guy had a quick knock on the door, and there they were - a brand pair of Brooks Ghost 4 sneakers.

Brooks Ghost 4
I get about 500 miles walking/jogging/hiking from each pair and with a 1500 mile goal this year, so, that would be three pairs I need to purchase a year.  The good news for me, I found a brand and model that really works for me two years ago at one of the local running stores, so I stick with it.  Each year the manufacturer comes out with a new model, Ghost 3, Ghost 4, Ghost 5,...  and pretty much they cost about $100.  However, if you look hard enough, pre-race Expos, online, and such, you can typically come across a better price especially on prior year models.  

I got this pair for $65.00.  With shipping & tax it came to $74 and change.  Granted, the color is a bit funky, but I do not buy these on looks - ever.  They are simply a piece of equipment to keep my feet safe.

I found this pair through an online Amazon store on the Marathon Walking Site (disclaimer - this is not my site but I do go there for a lot of information about distance walking).  

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  1. I like the color and the price. I believe that you've chosen wisely.