Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Walk at Georgia Gwinnett College

For 2013 my first long walk Saturday was at Georgia Gwinnett College.  To change things up a bit, for 2013 I thought I do some of my long walks at some of the local college/university campuses.  GGC is a fairly new (2006) state college in Georgia, I read on their website that Gwinnett County was the largest county east of the Mississippi without a four-year college.  Well, that is no longer true.  The 260 acre campus is located about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta and is home to about 9000 students.

Georgia Gwinnett College
The campus is fairly spread out and continues to grow.  In the picture above, it is a new Athletic Complex that they are building in the background.  I was there pretty early on this winter day but I did see quite a few signs that said "Move In Day" with arrows pointing direction.  As I made my way around campus, more and more cars/people were showing up.

Dorms at GGC
One of the biggest buildings on campus is the "B" building, with quite a unique design:

"B" Building at GGC
I once had an office in the "B" building.  Before GGC was created, this facility was actually shared by a few colleges & unversities and called Gwinnett University Center (GUC) and I was instructor for one of the colleges.  A lot has changed since I taught here, a number of new buildings and the dorms are new too.

But the biggest surprise, they have baseball now!  The GGC Grizzlies will play their very first NAIA Collegiate Baseball game on 2/8/2013.  So I made my way over to the new baseball field, the workers were hard at work building the stadium!

34 days til first pitch!
The bulldozer is in left field and you can see both dugouts & backstop in this picture.  Yeah, there's some work that needs to be done!  I'll definitely come back for a few of their games this year. 

I needed to get 10 miles for this walk in prep for a half marathon later this month, but the campus really wasn't big enough for that without looping.   So after about 4.5 miles I headed over to Suwanee Greenway for the other 5.5 miles.  The best part of the 10 miles today - no knee pain, none!  This is good.  

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