Saturday, January 12, 2013

Homeland Security Ate My Homework

Walking, without a doubt, is my escape.  This is a good thing.  What I have discovered, the longer the walk, the longer the escape, typically.  Of course at the end of the walk, all of life's problems are still there - I just get to see them in a better (hopefully) perspective.

What does frustrate me is when there is something in my brain that I cannot escape from, even on a really long walk.  Well, that sums up my 14 mile walk this morning.  One topic kept popping back up in my head.  The thing that my brain could not escape from this morning's walk was the recent news about Homeland Security urging people to disable Java because of vulnerabilities.

At the local college where I work we have over 3000 courses, this semester, that use an LMS (Learning Management System) and requires Java.  Some of these courses are fully online and some simply augment an on ground course, however they all need Java.  The use of Java is required to do things like submit assignments or submit quizzes.  Without Java or with Java disabled, a student will not be able to do either.

So, through the years I have run into many student reasons about why they could not submit an assignment or quiz, e.g. the (electronic) dog ate my homework.  Some reasons legitimate, some not, some we'll never really know, and some incredibly entertaining. Well it appears that the newest reason will be, I could not submit my assignment because Homeland Security told me to disable Java.

I suspect next week at work will be interesting.  I just don't want to think about it now...


  1. So, if we hear people lament, "I just can't do without my Java!", they may not be talking about giving up coffee...and the consequences might be farther reaching than a couple days of headaches! I hope a fix is nigh.

    1. Yeah - plenty of double meaning there! I know I had an extra cup this morning :)