Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Kingfisher at Lunch

About a year ago I started walking every workday at lunchtime.  There is a pond in the office complex with sidewalk all the way around and it is just a really convenient to get a two mile walk in each day.  Through the seasons I've seen various turtles, birds, geese, etc.  But the one that sticks out more than any other is the Kingfisher.  I've seen this bird perched on branches and various vantage points just waiting for its prey.  On a few occasions I've witnessed the dive into the pond for a fish. Nature.  


I only wish I was able to snap a picture like above, I've tried, but a shot like that has alluded me.  Credit for this picture can be found here.   Below is the best I've been able to get so far:

Now what I find interesting with this bird, it knows I am there, walking around that pond.  The last few days, it continually stayed ahead of me.  I would get close to where it was and it would fly ahead to the next tree or spot around the pond.  This continued for eight laps around the pond!  I did read that they are territorial - I guess that is what it was doing?  Or, was it playing a game with me?  Can/do wild birds do that?

Anyway, it sure does entertain me during these daily walks around the pond!


  1. Scott,
    Lunch time walks are the best! And I love your picture of the kingfisher. Thanks also for the post on stretching (I neglect also!) and music of the decades. Lots of wonderful stuff! Happy walking,
    Anne Cassidy

    1. Thanks Anne - saw your post the other day about lunchtime walking around DC, am a bit jealous as that would be a great place for lunchtime walks!