Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Retirement the Richard Proenneke Way

A few years back I was introduced to what Richard "Dick" Proenneke did in Alaska.  Read his book too.  This guy was pretty incredible in what he decided to do in his 50s - went to Alaska, built a cabin (with hand tools only!) all for the purpose of testing himself to see if he could live through an entire year in the Alaskan wilderness.  Well, he succeeded and liked it so much, spent the majority of the next 30 years there.

Although I do want to fit Alaska into retirement, some how, I doubt it will be anything like the way Dick Proenneke did.

I think in many ways Dick Proenneke was a blogger before his time.  He kept journals for the purpose of sharing his experiences, click here to see his entries from 1974 - 1980.

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  1. I watched his story several times. The constant work to survive. He enjoyed solitude as well. It is something to see, but he is way tougher than I could be. He lived there into his 80's remarkable