Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Manhattan Bridge Walk

Just recently found this walk - it is now on my bucket list!

The Great Manhattan Bridge Walk is a 27 mile walk that goes over all the bridges that one can leave Manhattan Island on foot.  I will not be able to make it this year as it is a week from Saturday, but it is definitely on my bucket list now.

This event is hosted by Shorewalkers, the same organization that hosts the Great Saunter.  They appear to be a very active organization - looking at their calendar they have many walks planned.  It is stating the obvious, but you really do see so much more on walks like these versus driving through an area.

It does not matter if it's urban hiking or nature hiking - it's just good to get out there.


  1. I love this idea! How safe do thing the route to be overall? I ask because there are some sections along the L.A. Marathon route (just as an example) I would never venture into were there not 25,000 other runners with me on that particular day.

    1. I felt safe enough doing The Great Saunter, which was a similar route (click on The Great Saunter up top for pictures). Sure there were places that I would not want to be in the dark & alone, at night... but that is probably true for any city/town.

      Just like the Great Saunter - it's not a race with streets blocked off and such, but you are with others and there's always strength in numbers.