Saturday, July 20, 2013

16 Weeks to Chickamauga

In preparation for Chickamuaga Marathon, did a 10 mile modified LSD this morning at Suwanee Greenway.

My Saturdays have been alternating between increasing LSDs and a modified 10 mile LSDs.  My increasing LSDs increase by a mile every other week - last week did 16 miles, next week will do 17 miles and so on until I reach 22 miles.  The modified LSD is a 10 miler with a few twists.  For today's I did a one mile warm up, 4 miles at race pace, and finished the last 5 miles at an easy pace.

Modified 10 mile LSD - walking
My race pace for the 4 miles was 12:24 per mile.  If I could actually maintain that pace for the entire marathon, my finish time would be 5 hours 25 minutes (ish).  That's why I still have 16 weeks to prepare for this!

The really nice thing about the Greenway - during summer mornings, it's mostly shade!  :)  It makes a huge difference.  Although the majority of today's miles were not trail, I did my warm up mile on the trail portion:

I really like the trail parts of the Greenway.  One of the nice things about being on the trail a little later than usual like I was today, I was not the first person to do that section.  Whenever I'm the first person of the day on that trail I usually need a stick to wave in front of me as overnight spiders are actively building their webs - I hate walking into webs!  Today - did not walk into any webs.  : )

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