Thursday, July 25, 2013

They Arrived

The FedEx guy had a quick knock on the door, and there they were - two pairs of Brooks Ghost 5 sneakers.

Brooks Ghost 5
At about 500 miles a pair, I should be good until about next February.  The good news for me, I found a brand and model that really works for me a few years back at a local running store (where they evaluate your pronation, gait, etc...), so I stick with it.  Each year the manufacturer comes out with a new model, Ghost 3, Ghost 4, Ghost 5, Ghost 6...  and new they typically cost about $110.  However, if you look hard enough, pre-race Expos, online, and such, you can typically come across a better price especially on prior year models.  These were $72.00 a pair.

As far as hobbies go, and I do count distance walking as one of mine, this is really the only 'equipment' one actually needs.  The one thing I have read and have been told consistently - you need good foot support.  It does make sense.

I found these through an online Amazon store on the Marathon Walking Site (disclaimer - this is not my site but I do go there for a lot of information about distance walking).  


  1. I was wondering about the shoes. I'm using new balance 490, I too am walking everyday. I started June 1st. I'm a cancer patient so I'm trying to get really back to some higher health standard.
    Can you tell me why you like these.? I need a ton of support, and have high arches? Would these work?

  2. Hi Christina - what I like about this brand/product is, for me, in walking over 3000 miles so far - not a single blister and they are comfortable! I don't know if that would be the same result for you or anyone else though. I bought my first fair from a running store - they asked me many questions, let my try on 4-5 different shoes, watched me run in them outside the front of the store,... I was very impressed with this approach. The odds of me finding this brand/model (there are so many of them) on my own is probably quite small. I would suggest going to a running store that deals exclusively with running/walking and see what they say.

    Good luck with the walking!