Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jelly Beans, M&Ms, Oreos, Pretzels, Orange Slices, and Bananas

If this was Jeopardy, that would be the answer to the question:

What do marathoners eat during a marathon?

Looking at the course map for the upcoming Georgia Marathon, they provide these six food items to the participants while on the course : )

And they also provide water & Powerade (17 times) to wash everything down!

Although I have a huge amount of respect for the marathon distance and those who do them, I really am not a fan of this distance.  Of the 45 races so far for me, only three have been marathons.  Marathons are hard.  I am more of a fan of the half marathon distance, although half marathons are also hard, they are not as hard as a full marathon.  However, it is my intention to do this marathon.

The reason:  I want to do the Great Saunter (32 mile walk around Manhattan) again and this marathon is about six weeks before the Great Saunter.  So over the next few months I will build up my walking distance to acclimate my body and mind to walking for up to 10 hours (or more).  I will use this marathon as an interim goal.

What I really like about the Great Saunter, it is not a race.  It is a saunter.  Saunter, according to the dictionary, is to walk along in a slow and relaxed manner.  So the goal is to basically see Manhattan at about 3 MPH, it is not about who can do the 32 miles the fastest.

Back to the Georgia Marathon - one of the things I really like about it, it is walker friendly.  The following is from their FAQ page:

Although the 15 minute mile pace (4 MPH) is faster than what I need for the Great Saunter, this should set me up to be able to complete and enjoy the Great Saunter.

So that's my goal.  Maybe I should start acclimating my body for the marathon foods  : )

Why do I get the feeling Buddy the Elf would actually like this marathon???

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