Saturday, December 28, 2013

Probably Missed It

The other baseball draft.  Yep, there are two of them.  It happens each year at the end of MLB Winter Baseball Meetings.

Not to worry though as most are probably barely aware of the (main) June baseball three day draft these days.  But this one is quite unique - The Rule 5 Draft.  I think the basic reason this draft exists is help prevent teams from stock piling minor league players who have some real potential to make it to the big leagues.  This is a good thing for those players who do get drafted in Rule 5.

Once a minor league player has been playing in the minors for four or five years and they are not on the MLB team's 40 Man Roster (which means they are protected), any other MLB can draft them.  The receiving MLB team pays the other team 50K for the right to do this.  And the drafting MLB team MUST keep the player on their next year's 25 Man Roster (these are the 25 guys who show up to play each MLB game).  Also, this draft is in done in reverse standing order from the previous season, so last place team gets first pick.

For the 2103 MLB Rule 5 Draft, only nine teams drafted.  The other 21 teams passed.  Currently, as a fan, I follow three teams: The Atlanta Braves - home town team, NY Mets - favorite team growing up, Houston Astros - they drafted my son.  So I was curious if any of the three drafted and if so, who.

Astros - selected LHP Patrick Schuster from the Diamondbacks

Braves - did not make a selection

Mets - selected RHP Seth Rosin from the Phillies

Great, I thought this would add an interesting dimension for the upcoming season, it would be fun to follow these guys on the 25 Man Roster for the Astros & Mets.  However, this was not to be as both teams immediately traded their Rule 5 Draft picks away.  Rosin was traded to the Dodgers and Schuster to the Padres.

Why draft a Rule 5 and the next day trade?  Are these back room deals?   I'm sure there are many reasons why an MLB team would do this, but the vision that keeps on coming back inside my head is of Don Corleone as he scratches the side of his chin...

"Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, consider this... a gift"

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