Sunday, January 26, 2014

Danger Thin Ice

I do remember the dangers of thin ice from growing up in New Jersey - every winter my buddies and I would wait with great anticipation for the Shore Hills pond to freeze so we could play hockey.  We were lucky, nothing bad ever happened to us during our early season "testing the ice", but I always respected the danger.  It's been many years since recalling those times but on yesterday's walk, they all came back.

At about mile 5 I looked up and noticed this sign.  I've been in Georgia for 20+ years now and do not recall ever seeing signs like this here before.  This month must be one of the coldest around here for quite awhile with a significant amount of time below freezing.

Walked out onto the pier a bit curious if I'd see the ducks and geese - they were all gone except for these two.

It seemed odd, where did they all go (usually see 50-60 of them) and why were these two the only ones there?  I had one Nutra-Grain bar on me and decided they probably needed it more than I did so I started breaking it up in pieces and throwing on the ice.  They came over quickly and scarfed down each piece they could get.  I guess the ice hinders their food source so the must have been hungry?

I did notice on one of them that its wing looked like something was wrong with it.

Maybe that is why these two were still here?  Maybe they were injured and could no longer fly?  Don't know.  Hopefully it warms up soon so they can feed from their natural sources.

Continued on with the walk and could hear a pinging noise in the distance.  As I got closer, I knew exactly what what it was - just could not believe it actually was that - the sound of a baseball coming off an aluminum bat!

Little League tryouts on a freezing January Saturday!   Brrrrr...

11 miles was enough for me this day, too cold and too windy.  However, I know I will have to refer back to this post come summer, when we are going through a 90 degree heat wave.

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