Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Walking 2013 & 2014

A few hours ago the book closed on the year 2013.  I like to look back, to see what kind of year it was and see where I am on the three goals that I have regarding Walking to Retirement.  But more importantly, I like looking forward (and planning) to see where these goals will take me in 2014.

Walk 10,000 Miles: 3990

In 2013 added 1,441 miles to this goal bringing the current total to 3990.  Back when I started this goal, I showed the 10,000 miles in a picture - the equivalent of walking from Miami, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska and back.  On that map, current mileage would put me near the town Whitehorse in the Yukon.

2011:   989 miles
2012: 1560 miles
2013: 1441 miles

Ironically I have no goal for how many miles I will walk in 2014.  The other goals drive my actions.  I'll just have to wait until 2015 to see what this turns out to be : )

Complete 100 Races/Events: 45

In 2013, completed 15 races bringing the current total to 45.  The break down for 2013:

12 - Half Marathons
1 - 10 Miler
2 - 5Ks

I guess I do favor the half marathon distance.  This just sort of happened.  Many of the half marathons I do are also full marathons and at some point on the course there is a split - half marathoners to the right & full marathoners to the left.  Each time one of those splits occurs - I am thrilled, elated, thankful,... I'm not doing another 13.1 miles that day!

However, one of the events I want to do in in 2014 is a 32 mile walk around Manhattan.  To prepare my body and my mind for walking 32 miles, I will need to do a marathon or two.

To stay on track with this goal, I'll need to average one race a month in 2014.

1,000 Days of Walking: 168

This is a new goal created on July 17, 2013.  The goal is to walk (go for a walk specifically) for 1000 consecutive days.  As of yesterday, it has been 168 consecutive days consisting of 231 walks (some days I take two or three walks).

I really like this goal - it forces me everyday to not get lazy.  Also, the fear of having to start all over at day 1 is a huge motivator to get out there, no matter what.

Happy New Year !


  1. Congrats and thanks for the encouragement. The beauty of walking and the need for it becomes clearer. Happy New Year! Bill

  2. Happy walking! I really like your goal of walking for 1000 consecutive days. A great idea!