Sunday, March 2, 2014

Urban 20 Miler & OU Baseball

Yesterday's 20 miler was a bit different, instead of doing it on the greenway, decided to walk downtown Atlanta.  The route was very straight forward - park at Oglethorpe University and head south on Peachtree Street for 10 miles, turn around and come back.

It did not take long to figure out that cars and noise (engines, horns) would be the order of the day.  I lost count at 27 the number of times I had to look over my shoulder for cars turning, in the first mile!  One must be on high alert urban walking.

There was a lot of waiting in this walk - waiting to cross the street.  At every major intersection (and most were major) you needed to press the button and wait for the "walk" sign.

Of course this is obvious, if you actually think about it.  But I did not prior to starting the Urban 20 Miler.  However, what was not obvious, was "Push Button to Cross" signs that talked to you.  After pressing the arrow button, it said "wait...wait...wait...".  And when it was okay to cross, it would tell you what side of the street it was okay to cross.  This was new and unexpected.

About a half mile or so down the road, the talking sign made sense:

Braille bus stop sign
There must be residents who are blind living in the area.  To me, this was most impressive.  The uniqueness of an urban walk was coming into focus, seeing things that are there but you never really see driving.

For me, it was now interesting seeing things, that are in plain sight, that I typically do not see.  The next thing, we've all seen these before, but I have not actually looked at this in a very long time:

98 Billion Served!
Ray Kroc really had something!  I wonder if even he could have imagined this?

Next, as I mentioned, my route today was simple, head south on Peachtree for 10 miles and head back.  I had forgotten how many Peachtrees there are in Atlanta!

Peachtree Ave

Peachtree Way

Peachtree Battle

Peachtree Memorial

Peachtree Park

Peachtree Valley

Peachtree Place

Peachtree Hills
So if you are ever in Atlanta and get directions with "Peachtree" in it, be sure to ask which one.

Atlanta's Population Now
Traffic was not too bad as I crossed over I-75/85

But what I saw and heard above was definitely different, a B-17 Bomber!  Actually saw this many times throughout the 20 miles.  It appears that they were selling rides in over the Atlanta area.
Traffic in Midtown was very light as compared to a weekday so walking around was easy.

Midtown Atlanta on a Saturday afternoon
So I finally had the time (plus it really helps no being in a car!) to see and read about the Margaret Mitchell House.

Headed south for a bit more, maybe a half mile or so past the Fox Theatre and decided it was time to turn around and head back.  I was just about at 10 miles.  Truth be told, I was sure tempted to take a Marta train back to Oglethorpe.  You see it is very rare when doing an out & back to even have an option of not having to do the back portion, so I was very tempted.  But, this being my last really long walk prior to the Georgia Marathon coming up in a few weeks - decided I really did need to stay on my feet for another 2.5 hours and walk back.

The walk back was quite uneventful.  The one thing that really stood out though, I really liked when I would just miss the "walk sign" to cross the street and I'd have to wait for the traffic lights to cycle through.  When this happened, I found something to lean up against and enjoyed the break until the walk signal appeared again.

I made it back to Oglethorpe University during the 8th inning of the baseball game.  The Stormy Petrels were ahead of Berry College.

Oglethorpe vs Berry
The game went right down to the wire in 9th with Berry threatening with the go ahead run at the plate.  However Patrick Kulick was brought in in the 9th and earned his first save of the year.

Patrick Kulick throwing the heat
Final score: Oglethorpe 8, Berry 7.

They did have the 2nd game of the double header after this game, but I was way too tired to stay for it.  Hopefully I'll get back down for another game this season.

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Bill Reeves said...

Love the picture of the B 29 bomber and the Mitchell house. Urban people walk more than their country cousins. Thanks for sharing walks and baseball.