Sunday, August 9, 2015

Caution - Flying Discs

A couple months ago I came across this sign while doing a long Saturday morning walk on the Suwanee Greenway.

It was an odd thing to see while on a trail, in the woods!  I had noticed that they were clearing some areas off of the trails I normally walked, just figured they were making more trails.  Wrong.  They were making a disc golf course.

 I really did not give much thought to disc golf until about a week ago when my grandson was visiting.  We were looking for things to do and he expressed an interest in playing disc golf.  Great, I knew just the place!  But first we needed to get some discs (frisbees I thought).  Wrong.  Buying disc golf discs for the first time would be akin to buying a tube of toothpaste in a grocery store for the first time - way too many choices/products.  And it was the same with disc gold discs.  Basically I was told at a minimum we would each need a driver and a putter!  A what???

After a bunch of googling we ended up at Sports Authority looking for disc golf discs.  They had drivers, mid-range drivers, and putters ranging price from $10 to $20 each!  Plus each disc has four numbers on it rating each of the following: Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.  Hmmm...

We ended up buying a beginners set that contained a driver, a mid-range driver, and a putter.

Driver: Leopard  6,5,-2,1
Mid-range Driver:   Shark  4,4,0,2
Putter:  Aviar  2,3,0,1

There is so much more to this than I thought.

Anyway, we played 18 holes, took about an hour and a half.  A lot of walking, a lot of up & down hills.  It was actually a pretty good walking workout.  I think I may have found a new dimension/alternative to getting some extra miles in!

Hole 2

You throw from the concrete pad, but on a lot of the holes, you cannot even see where the hole is.

Hole 9

Although you can see the hole on this one (that little yellow thing just to the right of the center of the picture), the trees really do make it challenging - I hit a bunch of them!

One of these days I'll have to get an accurate measure of miles walked on the entire course, I'm guessing it's somewhere between one and two miles.

I do think this will be a fun addition to getting the miles in!


  1. Out here in California they have foot golf. One kicks a soccer ball into a large cup. Not having done

    it I have no idea if there are drivers or putters type of balls.

    1. Don, must confess, I've never heard of foot golf. But after a bit of googling found a bunch on it. Looks interesting.

  2. As you play the driver will often keep moving after it lands, the putter will land and move less. Most courses you will walk two four miles in uneven terrain. Be mindful of your throws in the fall. Discs can easy be lost in the leaves.

    1. Bill - heck with some of my throws (in summer) I had a hard time finding the disc :) The leaves in fall will surely make it more difficult!

  3. I recently was walking on a wooded trail and suddenly hear a hollered, "FORE!". Instantly, I instinctively ducked low, and the thought flashed through my mind, "Who plays golf in the woods?!". A rather odd experience when one didn't know a folf course was part of the trail system.
    :-) It sounds like you're diving into this new activiity - what a great thing to share with your grandson.

    1. Cyndy - that would be a funny thing to hear in the woods!