Monday, May 15, 2017

So This Llama Walks into a Bar

Okay, it wasn't a bar, it was a park.  Nonetheless we had no expectation of seeing Llamas at the park, we just wanted to go for a Mother's Day hike and decided on Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.

The park has about 36 miles of trails, not that we thought we'd do anything near that distance.  It did provide us with options though.

The weather here is great.  A light, long sleeve fleece was needed especially when walking in shaded areas, which there were quite few.  Only to role up sleeves when you find yourself in sunny areas.

As we approached a playground area, noticed a crowd gathered just to the left of it.  Getting closer all did double takes focusing on these fairly tall furry things.  Not sure what we were seeing but knowing that it was out of the ordinary.

Llama at the water fountain

Have never seen this before, llamas taking turns at the water fountain!  They were quite friendly llamas, eating grass, letting people pet them, very easy going.

We continued on with Ellie with her stopping frequently picking as many rocks, flowers, pine cones, and sticks as she could hold.

Great day for a hike!

This hike brought my 10,000 mile goal to 9,996.

Four more to go :)

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