Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Beginning

Around mid 2010 I decided to 'get off the couch' and do something.  Through the years, on and off, I had been a runner (never a fast runner, but a runner none the less) but I never stayed with it.  My guess, I just did not like running that much.  So instead of taking up running again, I took up walking, specifically distance walking.  I suppose categorically, the type of walking I do would be considered brisk.  My first goal was to complete the Atlanta Half Marathon by walking (mostly walking with a bit of jogging thrown in) in the 3:30 time limit.

I did check in with my doctor prior to putting together my training program.  I think anyone who decides to get off the couch and begin an exercise program should absolutely discuss this with their doc first.  My doc gave me a thumbs up and I was on my way.  The other part of this get off the couch bit also included altering my diet.  So, combined, this has all been good for all of those blood levels during the annual physical and my weight is what it was as a senior in high school!

The 2010 Atlanta Half Marathon came and went and I did meet my goal.  My goal was two pronged - one was to complete it under 3:30 and the other was to enjoy it.  My time was 2:55:58 and I enjoyed it so much, I quickly signed for my next race.

This is my hobby; I do have a passion for this.

Doing these races/events does take a lot of preparation and that means a lot of time each week putting in the miles.  I have come to the point where I very much enjoy the time I spend doing this.  The mind is very active during the time spent walking/jogging and that is where the idea of doing 100 distance events before retirement came from.  There are so many factors regarding when one retires from the full time force.  Some of these things I do have control and some I do not.  However, I have laid down the gauntlet, have set the personal challenge, and this blog will describe what I go through as I walk to retirement.

As for the 100 distance events, I have decided that any organized race/event will do.  Distances can be 5K, 10K, half marathon, 25K, marathon, 50K,...  It really does not matter.  At this point I suspect the majority of these will be half marathon or greater distance as my current mindset is disappointment when I do a 5K or 10K because they are over so soon.


  1. Hello Scott, I will follow this blog to watch your progress and comment to show mine. Today I will return to the streets for the first time since the accident. Hopefully I figured out how to comment on this blog.

  2. Hi Scott -- You've inspired me to do a half marathon. I posted earlier about walking for 1-1/2 hrs. every other day. I've been walking for well over 20 years; it's my passion too. How would I train for a half-marathon. It looks like double the amount I normally walk. Sandy

  3. Sandy - that's great!! When I started, found a great website - (the link is also on the right side of this blog under LINKS). They have some half marathon training guidelines. I also joined the 'Walking Discussion' forum on that site and connected with people from all over the world doing distance walking. Good luck!!!