Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race 25 - Duluth Fall Festival 5K

Today's race was a 5K (3.1 miles), the Duluth Fall Festival 5K.  This was the 6th time doing this race for me, four times as a runner years ago and twice now as more of a walker/jogger.  However, this race will be the one I remember the most as it was my grandson's first race!  

2012 Duluth Fall Festival 5K
This race was a family affair with a bunch of us doing it. 

I think about 500-600 people signed up for the race.  With the festival going on it was a nice atmosphere.  It was nice seeing folks who I have not seen in awhile - just a nice, fun time!  And of course having family there at the same time just really added to it.  

They grouped us together behind the start line and at 8:00 we were off.  This was a road race and traffic control was handled by the local police department and they did a great job.  The first mile or so was downhill.  But unfortunately, that meant the end of the race was going to be uphill.  Dan and Raney took off ahead of us and I watched the back of Daniel's head (Atlanta Braves hat on backwards) disappear into the crowd.  For the first mile or so, I was with Jen and JB.  A few hundred yards beyond the first mile I told Jen that I was going to run ahead and get set up to take a few pictures of them as the went by.

So there I was, on sidewalk, squatting down to take this pic, and all of a sudden I get this huge pain in butt - BEES!!!  Now this is not the first time this has happened, a few months back during the  Rope Mill Trail Race I was stung multiple times.  This time I was stung four times.  I am beginning to think it is me.  As I sit here and write this, these suckers hurt.  However, super thankful I am not allergic.  

Anyway, moving on  in the race, once again I went ahead to get a few more pics.  However, I refused to go on the sidewalk at this point!  So a different angle for this pic:

And as expected, mile three was pretty much all uphill :(  All of us finished the race and had a good time doing it, well except for me and the bee stings...

Afterwards, waters, bananas, apples, cookies,...  a nice post race spread.  We hung out awhile as they announced the age bracket winners and such.  Again, with the festival going on, it was just a nice atmosphere!  We did manage to get a few more pics (of course) with various poses - this one below was the best silly pose:

goofing around after the race...
I am a lucky Grandpa!

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