Saturday, September 8, 2012

Downtown Duluth

For my walk today I decided to just walk around downtown Duluth.  It's been awhile since I walked around down there so this was an opportunity to see what was new.  The first thing I noticed in Duluth Town Green was an obelisk referencing the Eastern Continental Divide.  Hmm... knew the divide existed, did not realize it existed here though.

Eastern Continental Divide
Atlantic Ocean to the left, Gulf of Mexico to the right

Moving on I noticed the Park Cafe & Wine Market.  This cafe is in the historic Knox House (1899).

Park Cafe 
As I made my way down the Town Green I saw the City Hall structure with the clock tower.  This never fails to remind of the clock tower in the movie "Back to the Future"  :) 

Moving off the Green and on to the streets, I notice Downtown Duluth is expanding with various businesses. This is a good thing!  Some of the businesses downtown:

Chocolate Perks Cafe
Huthmaker Violins
Luv for Art
Steverino's Pizza
Llorens Stained Glass Studio
Best of Brews (beer in growlers)
New Dawn Theater Company
I was glad I took the time to walk around downtown to see what was there.  As I walked away from downtown I noticed the sign for the Duluth Fall Festival in a few weeks, I think it's the 30th annual!

They have a 5k during the festival, think I'll sign up for it.


  1. When I think of Deluth, I think burr! But at least in the fall I think it looks pretty good. Thanks for the photo visit. Keep walking

    1. Hi Bill - you might be thinking of the Duluth in MN, this one is in GA. It does not get anywhere near as cold the one in MN. :)

    2. Glad this came up - I only knew Duluth, MN! Plus I had no idea where the Eastern Continental Divide was - thanks :)

    3. Kenkä, after reading your blog about walks in Finland, it has inspired me to do more exploring of the areas around here - thanks! There is no better way, I believe, to really see and experience a place like walking around.

  2. Have to admit I was thinking MN, too, and was wondering what you were doing there, LOL! Duluth, GA looks like a pretty neat place!

    1. Yeah, unless a person is from the Atlanta area, chances are the other Duluth is what would pop into their mind :)

      On another note, they guy who runs the Park Cafe
      ( is from Windsor!

  3. I'm going to have to look up Duluth, GA on a map. It looks like a great place for a walk.

    1. It really is fun to walk around places where you live. So many things to discover!