Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Great Saunter - Zig-Zagging Through Harlem

The Great Saunter route, in my mind can be divided into three sections: up the Westside of Manhattan, crossing over to the Eastside, and down the Eastside of Manhattan.  Each section is very unique, different, experience.  There is an incredible amount of contrast in each section.  The crossing over to the Eastside was not a direct route and it did take us through many city blocks as we zig-zagged through Upper Manhattan and Harlem.  This post is the second of three posts of the 2014 Great Saunter as I made my way through Upper Manhattan and Harlem.

We were up around 207th Street when the crossover began.  The first thing  I noticed, no defined paths and many city streets to cross.

Really had to pay attention to the walk/don't walk signals
Guys actively doing a little graffiti work
a little more graffiti art going on...
Quite a contrast to coming up the Westside
West 202nd Street
Next we reached the Harlem River.  Although the route did get us back to the "shoreline" (remember the Great Saunter is put on by Shorewalkers), this was actually temporary as we still had much more "city" walking in store until we actually made it to the East River for the down the Eastside section of the saunter.

Rowing in the Harlem River
Saunterers becoming more spreadout
Saw a lot of people fishing
At times, the path was a bit tight.
This guy was telling us "you're at 19 mile"  :)
Little League game @ Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem
Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd. in Harlem
It was around this time when I ran into Mort.  Mort is a guy that I met the last time I did the Great Saunter in 2012.  Mort really knew his way around town and for awhile, I did not have to refer to the directions provided for us - I just followed Mort.

Mort in front of Miss Maude's Spoonbread Too in Harlem
East 125th Street & Lexington Ave.
 This section really was the most "city" part of the Saunter as for the most part we were on city blocks instead of walkways near the shoreline.  I did enjoy my walk through Harlem!

It was not too long after this when we arrived at the East River to continue on to the third section - down the Eastside.

Part One of the Great Saunter - Up the Westside

Part Three of the Great Saunter- Down the Eastside

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