Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Number 67 & 68 and the 100 Races/Events

The 100 race/event goal is still in place - but happening ever so slowly at this point...

I really got lazy with the blogposts on the 100 race goal part.  Although the main goal was for walking a bunch of miles, after awhile I came up with a secondary goal of completing 100 races/events.  I've been stuck in the mid 60s (races/events) for a while.  I've noticed a pretty steep rise in what they charge to participate in the races, especially the half marathons (and greater) distances.  I just do not think the "value" is reasonable for a lot of the half marathon races anymore.  I certainly get it if a person is doing one for a bucket list thing, or even a few, but for 100, different story.  The half marathon distance is my favorite distance so I'll probably still do a few more of these.  But to reach the 100 races I need to consider other options.

Catching up on races from last year...

Number 67 - PurpleStride Atlanta 5K, November, 2016, Atlanta, GA

My son organizes this race for us each year as it supports research for pancreatic cancer research and support.  Pancreatic cancer impacted our family, my dad suffered from it.  I'm proud of my son for doing this each year.

We gathered at Centennial Olympic park in a sea of purple (t-shirts, hats, balloons, streamers,...) to do this race.  As always - a great cause!!!

-----  Race #67 -----

It's a small thing but the number 67 has always been 
a special number for me, memories from long ago...

1972 season - senior year

Number 68 -  Atlanta Half Marathon, November, 2016, Atlanta, GA

This was the 6th time doing this race.  It has become somewhat of a Thanksgiving Day morning tradition.  After doing this race six times and blogging about it, there really is not too much more to write about.  I do like seeing Atlanta this way and suspect I will probably continue doing this race as long I am in the Atlanta area for Thanksgiving.  The absolute best, best, best thing about this race - since calorie consumption will be significant later in the day - you sort get the feeling you are getting ahead and justifying the overeating that will take place by burning a significant number of calories before the feasting even begins!  :)

If I'm going to do this race in November, need to sign up soon as they do have a tiered pricing scheme:

$65 through 5/30/17
$70 through 7/31/17
$75 through 8/31/17
$80 through 9/30/17
$85 through 11/15/17
$90 at number pick-up


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