Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Fast Track 5K and a Dog Bite

After recently being inspired to get back (and complete) this 100 race/event goal I started a few years back, did the Fast Track 5K in Duluth, GA.  It is a small, local race, this was the 3rd annual.  So local, I didn't even have to drive to get to it, I could just simply walk to downtown Duluth, do the race, and walk home.  Easy.

Nice day, temps in the low 60s, listening to tunes with the earbuds in, walking to the race.  This was nice!  Walking on the sidewalk noticed a woman walking her dog coming the other way.  No worries with the dog, it's on a leash, with a harness, no aggressive movements, nothing really here to be concerned with.  As we got closer the women and I nodded, smiled, and said "good morning".  As we passed each other with the dog in between us, all of a sudden "WHAT THE ..." the dog bites me.  Brain immediately goes into overdrive - what's happening, what do I do, this is weird, end up take two more steps and fall to the ground.  That blanking hurt!!!

The women appeared more upset than me, she said "he's never bitten anyone before, he never does this, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry".  "Are you all right"?

So about that time I stand back up, pull up my running shorts looking to see if the dog broke the skin.  It bit me in the buttocks on the left side but I could not see it, especially with my left Lazy eye.  Brain really trying to figure out what to do next.  I need to see this bite area to assess it - but can't.  The thought comes, oh yeah, I have an iPhone, I'll just ask her to take a picture of it so I can see it.   Yeah this something that you do everyday on the side pretty busy road - ask some women, who you don't even know, to take a picture of your ass while you pull up your shorts!  Yeah, that's the ticket!

So I say to her "I know this is a bit weird, but could you take a picture of this so I can see it"?  She says "sure".

It did break the skin but was not gushing or dripping blood.  She was still in massive apologize mode.  I ask about the dog's vaccines, she says all up to date so that did make me feel a little bit better.  I get her name, number and that was pretty much it.

Okay, where was I, oh yeah the 5K, earbuds back in, walk to the race.

It was about a mile walk and the whole time I'm thinking, I really need to clean this.  Now I'm banking on someone having a first-aid kit at the race.  As luck would have, quite a few   officers from the Duluth PD were at the race for traffic control so made my way over to them.  One of the officers noticing me approach says "can I help you"?  I said "yeah, I got bit by a dog on the way here and was wondering if you had a first-aid kit in your car with anything I could use to clean" as I pull up my shorts and show my ass to five police officers.  Yeah, can this day get anymore weirder?

Thanks Duluth PD!

Luckily, the rest of the race was very uneventful!  We did some group warmups, headed to the starting line, and we were off.

Fast Track 5K

I had a good race, mixing in a little running with the walking for a 38:09 finish.  About 12:18 miles, for me, that's a good day!


  1. Yikes - a bite that broke the skin! What a scary moment. I am impressed that you still continued on and did the race.


    1. Jude, It was a scary moment. Worse though, on a hike the day after with a number of people on the trail with their dog(s), on leash, I froze (fear) on the trail a few times. That has never happened before to me with leashed dogs. As far as doing the race - best reason to lay your money down ahead of time (no refunds) and plus very strong confidence that there would be no dogs on the race course!

  2. Oh my goodness! That was a weird day for you! And thank you for your helpful comments re my grandson on Bob's blog the other day.

    1. Good luck to your grandson, these are tough decisions. Our oldest grandson starts high school in the fall so in just a few short years he'll be at that same crossroad.