Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Follow up - Museum of Aviation Marathon

A quick follow up from the Museum of Aviation Marathon I did last Saturday.  After the race I had to quickly make my way back over to the hangar where we picked up our race bibs earlier.  Each of us had to give our drivers license to them before we got our bib.  This is how they managed to make sure all of us civilians actually left Robins Air Force Base that day.   The awards ceremony had already ended, they were putting things away, guys were sweeping the floor…  I got my license back and I was starving.  They always have a wide arrangement of food for after the race, but as it was a 6 hour time limit and me finishing in 5:56, well there wasn’t much left.  Basically it was a box with slices of bread in it.  So I grabbed a few slices of bread and we were heading for the door.  A man approached us and asked if he could ask us a few questions about the race.  He was pretty funny, told me he knew that I was really hungry and that it was okay to continue chewing while answering his questions! 

Well come to find out, this man’s name is Michael Pannell and he is a reporter for the paper in Macon: 

: )

Thank you Michael!


  1. You're welcome, Scott. Congratulations on the marathon. Looked up your blog last weekend and enjoyed reading a few of the latest and earliest entries--even subscribed and looked at a few of your racing friend's blogs. Look forward to checking in with you every now and then. Maybe I'll even end up walking/jogging an event or two myself. Any sure tips on beating plantar fasciitis?

    Michael Pannell

    1. Hello Michael,

      I had PF and thought I might need surgery and asked around. First I went to the local Orlando store that sets up our races and they suggested "New Balance" running shoes. They also gave me a ball that was the size of a softball with dimples on it. I used this a few hours a day for a week or so and it worked out the problem. That was 10 years ago and many, many miles of running and I have never had the problem again.

  2. Michael, That’s great! Since I got serious about walking consistently I just feel better, able to deal with stress better, need a belt to hold up my jeans, and just have a better outlook on life. I encourage everyone to get there and walk! In regards to the plantar fasciitis, I’ve never had it. However, the Walking Discussion Forum I belong to on has quite a few postings with other members mentioning their plantar fasciitis and how they are working through it.

  3. Thanks for the info, it adds to my ongoing fight with PF. (For some reason I wasn't able to open this page with comments until today, that's the reason for the belated response.)