Sunday, July 29, 2012

Race 23 San Francisco Half Marathon

Andrea, my youngest daughter and I did the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon this morning.  This was her first half and this plan had been in pace for months.  We flew into town early in the week and have been on the go since our arrival: Giants game at AT&T Park, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, a hike in Muir Woods, a tour of Berkeley,...  but last night we took it easy, carbo loaded on pasta, and got to bed early.

Besides the San Francisco Marathon being a marathon race, they also offer two different half marathons, 1st Half and 2nd Half.  We signed up for the 2nd Half.  This meant two things, we could sleep a little longer and Aaron (my son-in-law) had to drop us off at the half way point of the marathon, Golden Gate Park.  Aaron got us there with no problem about an hour before race time.  Now, this isn't a complaint, it's actually a wonderful thing, but incredibly odd for the summer of 2012 (think hot, hot, hot - everywhere), the temperature was 55 degrees!  So it was 'cold' and damp at Golden Gate Park as we waited to begin our race.  However, the great people of San Francisco who put on this race really thought ahead, they provided heaters!!!

Heaters for a Summer half marathon :)

I actually liked the cold :) and am dreading going back to the heat in a few days.

We were off.  The first six miles were in Golden Gate Park and it was shortly after we began when I noticed buffalo!  Yes, buffalo.

Buffalo in Golden Gate Park
It was a nice park.  It was rolling but no steep hills.  A number of bands played music as we passed by and motorcycle guys (big Harleys, big guys) provided traffic control.

As we left the park we entered The Haight and back to city streets, street cars, and such.  We stayed on Haight Street for quite a while and it was a very interesting place.

Haight Ashbury

downhill in the Haight

Going down these hills was the best.  Actually, come to think of it, I do not recall any significant inclines during this race.  I guess we were just lucky.  The course took us through the Mission district, Dogpatch, down to the water, passed AT&T Park (we passed quite a few people tail-gaiting in prep for the Giants/Dodgers games right after the race).

And right after that we went under the Bay Bridge for the finish.  Plenty of post race food & drink: oranges, bananas, cinnamon scones, Jamba Juice smoothies, yogurt, coconut water, water, beer,...  There was plenty for all.

Finished the race in 2:49.  It was a good race!


  1. Sounds like a fun time spent with your daughter...cograts on the finish!

  2. Yay, Brother! Well done. So happy you are enjoying A&A and SF...... xoxo

  3. San Francisco is my hometown. Fifty five degrees in the summer is not odd at all! Mark Twain said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco."

    Great for vendors of I heart San Francisco sweatshirts at Fisherman's Wharf.

    But good for running, huh?